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About Life Lessons Family Services

Our Mission

Life Lessons Family Services is a provider that works to make a difference in the life of families with youth experiencing difficulties with mental health, emotional and behavioral challenges by offering a constructive structure in the lives of our client’s and their families.

Our Philosophy

Life Lessons Family Services primary goal is to maintain children and adolescents within their homes and localities

Our secondary goal is to engage all relevant systems that each identified client is involved with and to ensure that barriers to improve emotional and behavioral health are removed.

Admission Criteria

To ensure compliance with both state license regulation sand programmatic design, all potential clients must meet the specific criteria for entry into the intensive in-home program.

Clients referred for services must have a mental health or substance abuse diagnosis with documented mental health needs.

Clients must be free of homicidal or suicidal ideation upon admission and must have a minimum of one caregiver with whom the child is residing with and who is willing to participate with in-home services.

It is the responsibility of the in-home Executive Director to coordinate and approve all referrals for admission to these services.

Additionally, all referrals are reviewed by the Executive Director, as a secondary system to ensure client eligibility for services.

Those clients who are found ineligible for intensive in-home services will be referred to appropriate serves based on concrete recommendations after assessment by LLFS

Referral Process

Referrals can be made by professionals (social services, case manager, school officials) or from the family itself.

In-Home Counseling staff will screen all referrals to determine client and family needs and their ability to thrive in the Life Lesson program (see back).

Population Served

Provide services to children and families who are referred due to factors such as neglect, substance abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, involvement in both the adult and juvenile systems and those families deemed chaotically disengaged or chaotically enmeshed.

Children present with a variety of diagnosis such as conduct disorder, emotional and behavioral problems and ADHD and intermittent explosive disorders.

Children referred for services must have a DSM IV diagnosis or must have document mental health needs and is a risk for being place out of home.

Assessment Services

All services detailed by LLFS are based on an initial assessment that comprehensively addresses each client’s needs.

In additional to the systems based family or original assessment, a detailed inventory of all systems involved with the client and client’s family is developed.

This inventory highlights stressors, resources and interactions that these exo-systems, such as the education system, legal system and social services system provide.

All relevant individuals in the client’ sphere are targeted in order to prove an environment where those invested in change can be accessed and leveraged.


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